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Benefits You Extend to a Friend when You Extend Him or Her Beer

Beer is known to come with several health benefits. As a result, it can be one of the best gifts to a friend. You would need to read on to know some of the benefits of gifting your beer lover beer.

One of the reasons you may need to consider buying your friend a beer gift include the fact that beer tends to be more nutritious when compared to other alcoholic drinks. Wine and beer is an alcoholic drink known to come with antioxidants. Beer is also known to come with antioxidants found in beer but tend to be different from those found in grapes. It would be critical to note that beer tends to come with proteins not found in wine. Beer is known to contain iron, calcium, phosphate, and fiber.

Taking beer can also help one protect the heart. In a case where you take beer moderately, you tend to lower chances of a heart attack. You may also need to note that beer tends to reduce chances of cardiovascular diseases.

You may also need to consider gifting your friend beer for its traits of reducing chances of kidney stones. Individuals who drink moderately are known to reduce the risk of developing kidney stones in a great way. You would also need to that beer can improve kidney health when taken in the right amounts. Beer is also a good remedy in preventing bad cholesterol. Beer tends to come with soluble fiber which tends to prevent or reduce bad cholesterol also known as LDL. When taken moderately, beer can also strengthen the bones.

You would also need to consider enjoying stress reduction capabilities beer tends to come with. You may also consider gifting your friend beer in a case where he or she is suffering work-related stress. When taken in moderation, it can be one of the best stress reliever. It would also be essential to note that beer tends to come with flavonoids which are known for slowing down the degradation process of the memory. Flavonoid tends to help prevent the oxidative damage that causes dementia. Another benefit of gifting alcohol is that it tends to come with cognitive function. One may need to note that excessive consumption tend to come with shortcomings and hence to avoid drinking excessively.

You would need to note that the physician may not recommend beer due to the heavy consumers may opt to take excess beer citing its benefits from the physician. Excessive drinking tends to come with conditions such as fetal alcohol syndrome, malnutrition as well as hypertension. One may also suffer cancer as a result of excessive consumption of alcohol.

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